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Apr 6, 2011

A few episodes ago I was joined with (at the time) EA Sports Senior Community Manager Will Kinsler. Since that episode was published Will moved on to Epic Games (Congratulations!) and I was contacted by one of Will's partners from his days at, Fred Villarruel. Naturally after exchanging emails with Fred I knew I had to get him on my podcast. Which brings me to Episode 77.

Fred and I spend the bulk of this podcast discussing various aspects of the development and growth of Madden Nation. The difficulties in dealing with the early success, the relationship that developed with EA Sports, and the closing years of Fred's involvement with the site. It's a fascinating story.

There's also talk of Chicago sports. Between Devin Hester, Scottie Pippen, the Blackhawks Stanley Cup run, we cover it all. Enjoy.

Run Time - 1:08:47

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