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Mar 23, 2011

A few weeks ago I was on my way to a Washington Capitals game. Outside the arena was a food truck, 'Eat Wonky'. Half way through my 'Wonky Dog' I decided to ask the owner if he would like to come on my podcast. These types of sequences are a common occurance these days - I find someone new I think would make for an interesting guest and see if a recording is likely.

Jeff Kelley, owner of Eat Wonky, joins me for Episode 75. We discuss the ins and outs of his food truck, the menu, the early hurdles encounted when starting his business, his approach to building a relationship with customers and more. There's also some talk about Washington sports; because that's what two locals inevitably talk about. This is a good one. Enjoy.

Follow Eat Wonky on Twitter to keep up with where he will be serving next @EatWonky.

Run Time - 52:01

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