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Feb 2, 2011

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, I got a little lucky with the timing on Episode 68 of Just Talking as Will Kinsler, EA Sports Senior Community Manager, was kind enough to spend 90 minutes of his evening with me. Part of the conversation talking about, his origins with the site, how he helped manage its growth and ultimately how that site helped him get his current job at EA Sports. Another part focuses on his job at EA, how he uses social media to interact with the community and Will offers up his opinions on what it takes to succeed at his position. Finally, we talk about the Washington Redskins and why you should always check for trees in close proximity to a new home.

If you stick around after the final musical interlude there is some talk about fantasy football and I open up a bit about what makes my podcast. Enjoy.

Run Time - 1:28:03

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