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Aug 11, 2010

This week, my guest on Just Talking is Peter Toledo, also known as Peterocc, from Gamertag Radio. If you didn't know, Pete is a really, really busy guy and we spend an hour and some change demonstrating that point. Gamertag radio is a pretty big deal within within the independent gaming/blogging/podcasting community and naturally we discuss Pete's role with that site. Additionally, we take some time out to talk about the sports scene in Miami including Lebron James. I also ask Pete what makes a DJ a real musician, and of course get the scoop on the upcoming launch parties for Mafia 2 in New York and Miami. Trust me, there's a lot in this episode so I wont waste any more of your time. Enjoy.

Follow Pete on Twitter at @Peterocc.

Run Time - 1:11:15

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