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Sep 18, 2013

James Portnow, CEO of Rainmaker Games and writer for Extra Credits, is my guest this week. While our conversation largely focuses on the importance of design in video games, we spend some time covering James' education path, his work at Activision, and at Next-Gen Magazine. James explains why he can't talk much about the work he did at Divide by Zero Games or currently does at Rainmaker Games, and the significance of white-listing his clients when being approached with possible work. Finally we cover his writing on the web series Extra Credits, the benefit of not addressing the "topic of the moment", and how directly addressing Microsoft in one episode started an important dialog that could help shape the future of online gaming. Enjoy.

You can find Extra Credits on Penny Arcade, the show's YouTube Channel, and be sure to check in on the Extra Credits Facebook Page if you want to talk to James directly (he's a busy guy).

Run Time - 1:03:29

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