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Oct 11, 2011

Two straight years of podcasting has brought us here to Episode 104 and my guest David Ellis from 343 Industries. Of course, it would have been nice if I got that introduction right on the actual recording but I'll let you listen to see how I deal with that less-than-ideal first impression. David's roots are on the east coast so we spent some time talking about the Carolina Panthers and his work in Washington D.C. before finding his way to the west coast with EGM and 1UP. Once we get to the video game side of things we cover his entry into the industry, the international phenomenon that is The Sports Anomaly and how things changed after the "1Upocalypse". Finally, the incredible story of how he got his job at 343 Industries finishes out this fantastic conversation. Enjoy.

You can follow David on Twitter at @DavidEllis and keep up with the latest Halo developments by following @HaloWaypoint.

Run Time - 1:14:01

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