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Casual conversations with purpose featuring interesting, inspiring, and innovative people from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and industries. Everyone has a story to share, and every story is worth sharing.

Oct 4, 2011

This introduction is both a warning and an endorsement - the podcast you are about to listen to is really, really geeky. Josh Mayfield joins me in Epiode 103 to talk about the Final Fantasy series and its impact on the modern video game landscape, his website Epic Randomness and the joy of writing content for yourself first. But the bulk of this podcast is about comics. Comic book movies, the DC Comics New 52 initiative, the new Spider-Man, the numerous benefits (and bummers) of the digital comic industry and he even drops a few recommendations for quality reads if you're interested. Enjoy.

You can follow Josh on Twitter at @Bean525.

Run Time - 59:34

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